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Melaka Town, Melaka. 25th & 26th February, 2017

The first off-road clinic by KTM Malaysia kicked off in Melaka Town with exclusive CBU dealer, MP Goh Motor.

Situated in the central-south region, the two days event was created to create trial for riders who have no experience on off-road bikes or for those who seek to expand their knowledge beyond their normal road riding skills.

The event was being coached by the 2016 FIM Asia Supermoto and 2016 Johor Motocross Championship champion himself , Gabit Salleh.

Using a standardized syllabus, all participants were subjected to a series of  riding techniques. This includes, riding position and bike position through different terrains,  using of front and rear brakes and throttle control. The clinic was separated into theory and practical sessions.

All participants were being briefed on the theories thoroughly  before they were allowed on the bikes for the actual  practical ride. Each one of the participants were closely monitored by Gabit as they we given certain task to complete based on theory they have just learned and put it into practical. Any mistaken that were being spotted from any of the participants are instantly corrected. This is to make the participants free of common off-road riding  mistakes and they will be adopting the proper way of riding in the future.

Over the span of two days, there were 30 participants that were being invited by dealer MP Goh Motor to join this event. This was being done with the intention to open up more opportunities for KTM dealers to create trial for new customers in the off-road segment and ultimately converting any customers who are interested, to an off-road rider, using KTM Off Road bikes.

All participants expressed their satisfaction with praises to both KTM Malaysia and dealer MP Goh Motor for setting up such a perfect event and in fact many have requested another round of KTM Off Road Clinic in the near future!