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Sungai Buaya, Rawang, 20th to 21st January 2018: The official KTM Malaysia Owners Group (KMOG) and KTM Malaysia co-operated once more to bring excitement to KTM owners in the country.

The group maintains that rider education and riding skill development should always be of utmost importance, hence the many riding programs previously held. This event was viewed as being exceptionally special with KTM’s Adventure Motorcycle Ambassador, Chris Birch was invited to conduct an intensive off-road riding clinic.

Called the KMOG/KTM Malaysia Weekend Adventure with Chris Birch, the event was split into two days. Day One consisted of the Riding Clinic and Day Two was when the participants went trail riding with Chris and his assistant, Chris Whitehouse, to practice what they had learned.

It was also a great opportunity for the owners to push and discover the capabilities and limits of their KTM Adventure motorcycles.

KTM Malaysia lent our support by promoting the event on our social media, attracting a capacity of 15 participants from all over Malaysia, including a KTM dealer from Indonesia. KTM Malaysia also allocated manpower for logistics and support, arranged for refreshments, demo motorcycles for the media and marshals, and lodging.

Introduction to Chris Birch and Chris Whitehouse, event briefing and presentation was carried out at KTM Malaysia’s Lifestyle Showroom in Kota Damansara, before the participants rode to the offroad course in Sungai Buaya.

Both instructors got down to work immediately, taking the time to explain and demonstrate the finer points of offroad riding. As the majority of participants rode up on their KTM Adventure models, Chris catered his lessons towards riding this type of motorcycles.

Chris took the attendees through one program at a time and applying every aspect as one complete skill set.

Day Two had everyone go trail riding into the countryside, palm oil estates and farmland surrounding Bukit Beruntung, not far from Sungai Buaya. KTM Malaysia allotted a number of personnel to act as marshals and guides, as they had recced the route earlier.

The route covered every terrain: hard packed dirt and sand, mud, deep sticky laterite mud, gravel, on flat land and up and down hills.

There were a number of spills along the 60+ kilometer route, but no one was hurt. All participants returned to the hotel safely and chatted with the instructors through the night.

Chris Birch then handed presented certificates of completion to the participants the next morning before the event adjourned.