The brands of KTM group demand top performance in all areas

This especially includes our authorised dealers, who provide KTM customers with nothing less than first-class service. So customer intimacy is critical to the success of the organisation. Every year the KTM GROUP invests heavily in growing this area through further development, training and optimisation of the services offered to our customers.

Every area of the business and each customer touch-point shows that the organisation truly lives and reflects the respective brands. Whether it is the sale of vehicles, clothing and accessories, premium performance parts or original spare parts. KTM GROUP insists on high levels of customer service - both in the workshops and showrooms, as well as with dealers providing advisory services and information on the many topics relevant to building an authentic motorcycle experience. A detailed understanding of the larger sales and marketing process is of vital importance - and through ongoing training, KTM provides internal staff with an ‘inside out’ perspective.

Commercial business development places the point of sale at the centre of the brand experience. The KTM GROUP remains in close contact with all dealers via the KTM Motorcycles subsidiaries. This keeps us close to the action, in tune with developments and in touch with market progression, while allowing appropriate products and experiences to be provided through KTM Motorcycles dealers.




Starting out as an offroad-only motorcycle producer, KTM GROUP progressed to be an innovative manufacturer of street motorcycles


Today, driven by the passion of its employees, KTM has already become the biggest European manufacturer, with a 9.6% market share in Europe and a 6.0% share in the US, as well as achieving one billion Euro annual turnover. To accomplish this vision, the company’s consistent long-term strategy is built on three pillars including brand, globalization and innovation.

The KTM GROUP’s corporate success is grounded in strengthening the core values of its two primary brands and communicating them appropriately. Every product will always deliver on the promise implicit in the READY TO RACE philosophy for KTM and PIONEERING SINCE 1903 for Husqvarna Motorcycles. Despite a marked brand contrast between the two brands, they share strong histories of success and innovation, while taking very different approaches. This new sibling rivalry within the KTM GROUP has benefitted both brands tremendously. The clearly differentiated profiles of the KTM GROUP’s brands and their continuity are mainstays of the group’s success. Having KTM GROUP products and related services used globally, and growing rapidly, is another important factor of the continued vision.

Geared for the future, KTM GROUP successfully markets products that were developed with a great deal of craftsmanship. With a long history and strong interest in motorsport, we constantly strive to develop our overall product range and to increase our competitiveness and penetration into global markets. We do this by identifying developing trends and defining new ones. Innovation and the highest development standards are crucial to achieving this vision.

KTM Malaysia

As the sole distributor and assembly plant of KTM in Malaysia; Eurotech Manufacturer Sdn. Bhd. was established since 2012 and is an international remarkable brand motorcycle manufacturer. In the global motorcycle platform, KTM not only as a proactive player, it is also well-known as an innovative contributor to serve the industry. It always creates new excitement by rolling out new models every year to fulfill its motorcycle enthusiasts.